“A Saxophone Star Ready to Go Nova”
— Jerry Karp ( DownBeat Magazine, SF Chronicle, SFweekly & JazzWest.com )

as he waits for a kidney transplant.

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In late 2014, a new program was implemented, designed to make sure “candidates have longer function with their transplanted kidney” and also to shorten the waiting time for specific candidates who have been hard to match.

However, after this program was introduced, saxophonist, musician and beloved human-being, Dayna Stephens, found his name bumped from number 12 on the transplant list to number 40… » read article @ thoughtful.org

Help Dayna Stephens Find a Kidney

Saxophonist Dayna Stephens (www.daynasound.com) is an internationally renowned saxophonist, composer, bandleader and educator, and a popular face in the East and West Coast Jazz scenes. But he has a rare kidney disease called Focal Segmental Glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) which affects 20 out of every million people and is waiting on an urgently needed kidney transplant. He faces costly anti-rejection medications at a monthly rate of over $4,000 a month for an indefinite time period.

Musicians on the West and East Coast have come together to perform benefit concerts to help Dayna meet his medical needs. If you would like to contribute please donate here – all donations go through the Jazz Foundation of America. 100% will go directly to Dayna!

Why People Want to Help Dayna — Watch Pianist Taylor Eigsti’s Video:

This is a grass-roots effort. Close friends of Dayna have come together to help him in this time of need. Please have a look through this site – learn more about Dayna, learn about kidney donation and donor screening, tell others by sharing this link on your Facebook page or website, and please make a donation in Dayna’s name on our donation page.
No donation is too small. All donations are needed and appreciated.
Thank you for visiting this site. — friends of Dayna Stephens.